4 Differences between MBA Hotel Management and Hospitality Management Course

4 Differences between MBA Hotel Management and Hospitality Management Course

MBA degrees are in high demand and MBA courses in almost every subject are opted for by students from many domains. MBA in Hospitality Management and MBA in Hotel Management are two of the course which can promise two of the best careers to aspirants, but it can often be confusing for many of them to understand how one varies from another. Here are 4 key points of difference between the two.

  1. Hiring variation

In Hotel management, you are supposed to exclusively work in the hotel or the tourism and travel industry. Thus, you can plenty of Hotel management restaurants, resorts and hotel chains.

But there are varied and more significant employment opportunities in the domain of hospitality management. As you can work in other industries too, apart from the hotel industry, you may use your skills and abilities in many other departments – like finance, HR, marketing and operations. Different types of administrative roles are also within reach.

  • Variation in employment responsibilities

When it comes to hotel management, the main responsibility is to make sure that guests can have a nice experience of staying at the hotel or accommodation. Right from the point of check-in to the time of check-out, you have to care for their needs and ensure that they can get outstanding services at all times during their stay. As a hotel manager, you have to take care of departments like guest service, room service, concierge, housekeeping, travel desk, front desk etc.

As a hospitality manager, you have to be responsible for greeting and meeting ambassadors, foreign delegates and other dignitaries and VIPs, VVIPs etc. You have to make sure that they are provided with all that they need for a proper visit. It is important to ensure the satisfaction and comfort of guests and give them the next-level experience.

  • Differences in extent of dependence on other industries  

Hotels are in business only when there is tourism. Countries like India are one of the biggest destinations for tourists from all over the globe, and many tourists from across the world come to stay in its hotels. This helps the hotel industry flourish and thrive. Thus, the hotel industry depends a lot on the tourism industry.

Hospitality management, on the other hand, is actually concerned with people and not tourism or any other specific industry. Hospitality management professionals are hired by many organizations, MNCs and IT firms from different types of sectors for coordinating guest relations, meetings and events.

  • Differences in employment positions

There are also plenty of variations when it comes to the job positions that are available for each one. After MBA in Hotel Management, you can get job positions like Finance Manager, Human Resource Manager, Hotel Manager, Hotel Manager and Office Assistant. After the completion of an MBA in Hospitality Management, you can acquire job positions like Tour Manager, Guest Relations Executive, Public House manager, Hotel manager, Catering Manager and Accommodation Manager.

These are the 4 key variations between the two MBA courses.