Career Paths for all Hospital Management Students in India

Career Paths for all Hospital Management Students in India

If we look at the scenario of India right now, medical care and hospitals are one of the most growing industries out there in the market. There are a huge number of patients but not enough resources to cater to everyone’s needs. With the outbreak of the COVID-19, it has become pretty clear that the Hospitals all across the country do not have all the things they need to help patients get better. During the pandemic, India had only 40 thousand ventilators, which was quite less compared to the 1.35 billion population. This surely has made the government concerned, and they have decided to invest more money in health care.

According to experts, it is expected that India’s healthcare industry will increase dramatically in the financial year of 2022. It is expected that the healthcare industry will see a growth increase from 4 trillion American dollars to 8.6 trillion dollars. It is expected that with the new plans from the government and investments from different sources, the healthcare industry will surely be growing quite rapidly in the next few years. This shows that jobs will soon be created in the Hospital Management sector, and it is a perfect time to jump for someone who is looking to make a career in this field.

The Hospital Management course is quite a new stream in India, and students who will be studying in this field will be given the job of running the hospital. Previously only senior doctors were given the responsibility of running a hospital, but it surely meant less time for the doctors to attend to the patients. In the next few years, every hospital, nursing home, and super speciality center will have experts in Hospital management taking care of all the operations.

The jobs which are linked to Hospital Management can be grabbed by anyone who has management skills or has worked in high-pressure situations. The problem with that is that the person does not have any medical experience making the job a bit tough. With Hospital Management students, hospitals can hire experts and also make sure to find a person who understands all the ins and outs of the place. People with Hospital management degrees will surely have a higher preference when coming to the job of managing a hospital.

With the growing popularity of Hospital Management, different institutes are offering different courses. Some institutes are offering short-term courses, whereas others are offering a complete diploma degree. The Indian Society of Health Administration is now offering a one-year-long course in Hospital and Nurse administration. There have been MBA courses designed in this field, making it quite popular amongst students who want to make their career in healthcare. A bachelor’s degree in Hospital Management costs around 40 thousand per year, and the course lasts for a total of three years. Institutes are giving away scholarships and fee waivers depending on the profile and background of the students.

In all the courses related to healthcare and hospital management, students will be learning about finances, communication, client handling, and the ability to perform well in high-pressure situations. Students will be trained for effective decision making in these courses, which surely will make them take decisions better during crises. Students studying Hospital Management will have to learn to be patient so that they can tackle all the situations in the real world. Lacking any skills listed above will surely make things hard for the hospital as well as the people around.

Some of the jobs that students will be able to apply for after studying Hospital Management are Healthcare Financial Managers, Administrators, Heads of Departments, Nursing directors, Medical directors, Deputy Superintendents, Hospital Superintendents, Directors of Medical Colleges, and Deans. The salary of all the entry-level jobs in this sector ranges from about 30 thousand to 50 thousand a month. The salary goes up depending on the level of the job students are applying for. Having prior work experience for candidates surely helps in negotiating the salary for any position. The starting salary of any professional in the Hospital Management field ranges from 3 Lac per annum to about 6 Lac per annum. The job is quite demanding, and candidates will surely be able to make a lot of difference in the lives of the patients and their families. With the growing industry getting Hospital management jobs are quite easy, and there is a large scope of flourishment in the future. India is quite late to Hospital Management, and there are a lot of lucrative jobs available in the market outside India. Insurance firms are also hiring Hospital Management candidates for consultation, and the pay is also quite well. The salaries of Hospital Management workers will go up quite fast in the coming years.