From The Desk Of HOD

Mr. Rahul Moitra, 

Welcome to the Gandhi Institute of Management & Technology (GIMT), a milestone
of academic excellence and co-curricular and extra- curricular activities which has
enlarged and enriched vocational education in South Bengal. GIMT was established
in 2004 under the aegis of Mr Avishek Mitra & Ms Sarbani Das Mitra,
our Directors. The guiding lights of Gandhi Institute are our 2 beloved Directors, Mrs
& Mr Mitra. They’ve fostered this Management Institute with their characteristic
knowledge, networks, youth & dynamism. Mrs Sarbani Das Mitra happens to be an
alumnus of the elite IHM, Taratolla, Kolkata while Mr Avishek Mitra is rich in
industry experience. Both have had their fair shares of Hospitality Industry exposure
stints before coming together to set up the Gandhi institute to further the cause of
Management Studies.
The College is affiliated to the Himalayan University & Singhania University, and
recognized by the Bharat Sevak Samaj, Chennai . We create a safe social and physical
environment that helps all our students to learn and succeed. Our college has happy,
healthy and harmonious ambiences and the credit goes to the blessings of our elite
members of Governing Body and the diligence put in by our learned teachers. This
institution has played a cascading role in the career and personality development of
innumerable students who have brought laurels to the college, good industrial training
and got satisfactory job placements depending upon their merit.
It is my firm belief that discipline is a non – negotiable factor of a student’s life . For
example, in our campus, we inculcate the values of time management and punctuality
by ensuring at least 75-80% attendance in the regular classes . I also feel that honesty
and Integrity should be our second names . I believe that you would have an all round
development of your persona during your stay in this Temple of Hospital Management
& Management Learning.
With best wishes and blessings to all my staff & students for the upcoming session.